My Reviews


My Reviews


Joseph Mattews, Principal Interior Designer at Mattews Interiors


Working with Fahad was an absolute delight. His professional manner and insightful nature produced fantastic results for my brand in only a week!


Merrill Kruger, Principal, Landscape Designer


"I can't say enough wonderful things about Fahad. He brought up questions and offered suggestions in a logical, methodical way, which facilitated quick progress and excellent results. I always felt that he was on top of my site, cared for the final product, and had my best interests at heart. As a designer, I'm extremely concerned about the little details, and I felt that Fahad cared for those small details as much as I did."


Derek Mohl, Senior Account Manager, User Acquisition


I had the pleasure of working alongside Fahad and saw first hand his drive, passion, dedication, and excitement for the job. Not only is he extremely hard working, he is very spirited and will bring joy and happiness to any work environment. He is a team player and will be a great addition to any organization.


Barbara Moran, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant


"Fahad has consistently shown a commitment, creative vision and level of customer service that far surpasses the few dozen web developers I have worked with in the past. Fahad’s follow up, understanding of time management and deadlines, ability to listen, ask key questions and share his desire for a quality end product has been critical to both the client’s success, as well as his own. Fahad has a strong moral foundation that clearly reflects in his personal and professional interactions … not to mention a wonderful sense of humor!" 

Chanel Velasco, Publisher Development Specialist


“Fahad is an incredible individual who instantly lights up any space he steps into. He builds unique relationships with his clients and follows through with a campaign with the same energy from beginning to end. I am fortunate to know his aptitude for interacting with his clients and colleagues, his quick thinking, and his passion to stay ahead of the game in the consistent evolution of the media industry. Fahad is most certainly one to take note of at any given opportunity.”


Rosie French, Account Manager


“Fahad is by far the most upbeat and hardworking coworker I have ever had. I highly recommend Fahad to any company, he is a true A-player.”


Heather Wallace, Account Manager 


I have had the pleasure of working with Fahad at Mopro and he has been a real asset to my training and knowledge of the Account Pro role. He is organized, detail oriented, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile for his clients and his Team. He knows his craft, listens to understand and always follows through. He is a pleasure to work with and a real asset to any team.


Alaendu Okiyefa, Client Care 


Fahad is a professional; he gives his all with the task at hand. He carries himself with a level of integrity everyone in the office can trust, and is very admirable. He's punctual, has a positive attitude, dresses for success, and is a leader in his own right. The clients he works with at Mopro love him, which is not surprising (who wouldn't?). I see him doing some amazing things in his career. His passion for work is so contagious.


Sara Jacobs, Marketing Coordinator at JADCO Manufacturing 


Fahad was our "Pro" with Mopro when we started using them for our website. Our site had a higher amount of content and pages then the standard, not to mention a lot of multiple step processes. Fahad was extremely patient and worked diligently to make sure that we were happy with all aspects of the site. He is a wonderful account manager and a wonderful addition to this process.


Timothy Snyder, Success Manager at Listrak


Fahad is a top level talent! I had the opportunity to work directly with Fahad for over 2 years on the Account Management team at Mopro. Fahad's ability to give clients premium consultative advice, while maintaining a genuine empathy for that same clients fears and concerns is HONESTLY the best I have been around. Fahad is an unquestioned leader that was a very important resource for me during my time at Mopro. Fahad come highly recommended.